Prepare For Your Consultation With A St. Louis Car Accident Attorney

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Prepare For Your Consultation With A St. Louis Car Accident Attorney

So many people fail to realize the importance of hiring a car accident attorney in a timely manner. It’s very important that people understand that a personal injury lawyer can take the weight off their back and make sure that they’re going to be okay as they move past the accident that has disrupted their lives. If you’ve been in a bad car wreck, are you preparing to hire an attorney? If so, that’s good, but now it’s time to move on to the next step.

While a St Louis accident lawyer is who you need on your side, there is still things you need to do to help get you the right settlement. Yes, your attorney will handle most everything, but knowing a few things about the law and what’s expected of you to help your case is always beneficial. So what can you be doing to help yourself out?

You’ve heard about people being instructed to write down everything that happened after an accident. Your lawyer is going to need this information to help you win your case and get the appropriate settlement. Of course, if you wait until you meet with a lawyer, especially if you wait to even hire a lawyer, too much time will have passed, and you’ll forget important details. That being said, you need to write everything down immediately and make copies so that you don’t lose your incident report.

Now, there will also be information in the police report, but sometimes people need to watch what they say to the police. Moreover, everything is happening so fast, and some important details might not make it into the report. Therefore, what you want is your own written account of everything related to the accident. You need to include all of your personal information with your report to hand to your lawyer, including your name, date of birth and information like that.

Were there any witnesses? If so, you should try your hardest to get their information so that you can hand this to your lawyer as well. He or she is going to locate witnesses, use experts when necessary and all that good stuff. However, it’s great when you can hand over a full report to your St. Louis car accident attorney so that they have all the information they need to begin building your case. There will still be plenty left for them to do!

Are you going to be making repairs to your vehicle? If so, the attorney is going to want to know the which body shop, and of course you also need to provide your insurance information to your lawyer. Naturally, everything to do with the insurance company is now going to be handled by your attorney, which should take some serious weight off of your shoulders.

Write down the account of your injuries, and also write down information about the damage to your vehicle. You need to take pictures of your vehicle, and you also need to take pictures of any personal injuries you’ve sustained. The next thing you need to make sure you have is the information for the other person or persons involved in the accident. This includes their insurance information, and as you can see, some of this will be easy to gather from the police report itself.

Make a copy of your insurance cards, meaning your auto insurance and your health insurance. He or she is also going to need a copy of your driver’s license. Make copies of the medical bills you have incurred since being treated for your injuries and continue to keep a written record as your case develops. Your attorney is going to be able to handle everything much more easily with all of this information. It will also make your initial consultation much more informative.

It’s unfortunate that you’ve experienced a car accident in St. Louis. It’s even more unfortunate that you’ve sustained personal injuries. Now it’s time to get the settlement you need to carry on with your life as you were before the accident. You’re alive! That alone is a blessing, and now you’re going to be just fine because you’ll have a hard working attorney fighting for you.